Texturing junction box cover (help, please! ; )


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Texturing junction box cover (help, please! ; )


We are having a room remodeled that had a suspended ceiling. There are several 4"x4" junction boxes in what will be the new enclosed ceiling. The contractor wants us to consider rewiring to the circuit panel ($$$ we hadn't budgeted for) because the junction boxes will have to be brought to the sheetrock.

At first he said they could be textured over and we wouldn't see them but now he seems to have changed his mind. Help! (please ; ) Aren't there flush-mount junction box covers that basically disappear when the drywall is textured? Is the 'cosmetics' of a textured over box cover really that big of an issue? Any other ideas? The contractor is an excellent guy and knows what he's doing but I can't help feeling there is a solution here.

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All junction boxes must be permanently accessible. If there is no attic space above this room then these boxes must be "brought to the sheetrock." While you can paint cover plates, and I suppose even put a little bit of plaster on them, you cannot work them into the plaster of the ceiling so that they are hidden.
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You'll notice the covers for the first two weeks, then you'll never notice them again.
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Thanks for the replies! Another question.

I also tend to think they would stick out for a bit and then I'd never notice them again.

Question: would it be better to place the boxes (for aesthetic reasons) on the ceiling -or- on the wall near the ceiling, all other things being equal?
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I had a similar situation in my kitchen. I found a white plastic box cover which looks alot better than a painted box cover.

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