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If I have an electromagnet and I want to boost the flux density and its magnetic strength, do I increase the voltage or current through the wire(s)?

Also ... which makes a more efficient and just overall better electromagnet? AC or DC?

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Increase the current. Increasing the voltage will work, but only because it increase the current. Although both AC and DC will work, if you care about polarity, use DC. All other things equal, DC will work better.
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It's pretty hard to increase the current without increasing the voltage unless you remove some windings from the coil. I think less windings decreases the magnetic flux.
DC is better because you can reverse the polarity to release objects that are held be residual magnetism in the core.
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As stated, to increase the current, you would have to increase the voltage. However, if your electromagnet has an iron core, this will only work to a point. The core will eventually saturate (magnetically) and beyond that point you will only burn the thing up.
The DC would be a stronger magnet (all other things being equal) since the field is not collapsing to zero at 60 hertz (as the sine wave crosses zero).

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