Improperly terminated 240V wire


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Improperly terminated 240V wire

I just found the old oven wire (50amp 120/240 volt 6 guage) stuffed up under the kitchen floor. We currently have a gas range. The breaker was on and the wire was terminated using only electrical tape. Too bad the inspector missed that! I assume it has been there for years. Is it up to code to terminate the wires in a metal electrical box that can handle the 6 guage wire using wire nuts at the end of the wires? This is my first time dealing with a 240 volt wire. I did shut off the breaker for the wire and I taped it so no one will accidently turn it on.

Thanks in advance
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Yes, put wire nuts on the ends of the wire. But high-quality electrical tape is also a good insulator. So it's possible that what you have now is already okay. But leave the breaker off.
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I would install #6 wire nuts and also tape them on. I would mark the junction box so a future owner will know what it is. Perhaps I would put red tape over the breaker once it is turned off to warn others not to turn it on. Make sure the junction box has a proper cover. These things being done, it is safe and to Code. (Although I don't believe Code requires the tape on the breaker, it just seems like a good idea to me.)


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