Breaker Box in garage, circuit needed in basement


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Breaker Box in garage, circuit needed in basement

I need to run a couple circuits from my breaker box in the garage to my basement (for a remodel project). Seems like this would be very difficult, i.e.. trying to pull cable through floor and finished walls. Is there an easy way to do this? Another thought came to mind was to have an electrician install a seperate breaker box for my basement. Does this makes sense, or are there better options?
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This is one of those things that's relatively easy to do if you've done it a million times, and pretty hard if you haven't. There are hundreds of tricks that an electrician has in his bag, and which trick he uses for a particular situation depends on what he sees when he gets there. Without being able to see your house, it's pretty difficult to know which one of the hundreds of tricks should be employed here. Analyzing the situation also requires some knowledge of construction techniques so that you can know what routes are possible.

If you need two circuits in the basement, it's probably best to just run two circuits from the main panel. If you need (or will need) six circuits, it's probably better to put in a basement subpanel. So it depends on your current and future needs. The subpanel approach gives you more flexibility and would allow you to add future circuits in the basement yourself, but it's a waste of money if you'll never need that flexibility.

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