new wiring to garage


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Question new wiring to garage

I have 200 amp service to the house. I have 100 amp service from the house to the unattatched garage. The wires leave the house panel and go through a hole in the basement concrete blocks about 3 feet underground. The wires go underground to the garage about 12 feet away and up through a vertical clay tile in the concrete floor and then up to the panel in the garage. I'ld like to get the wiring to the garage a little closer to code. My questions are: What kind and size wire should I use (I run a molding machine wired for 220)?
What should the wire be in to go through the concrete blocks? Should the wires go through conduit to the garage? What should the wires be in to go through the garage wall? I assume the wires should be in conduit from where they exit the wall to the panel. Thanks for any light you can shed. GLHeck
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I'm not quite sure why you think what you have is a problem.

Wiring underground should either be UF-B without conduit, or THHN/THWN in PVC conduit.

There should be three insulated conductors plus a ground.

Wiring going through rough materials should be protected from physical damage by conduit.

Appropriate wire size is determined by total load. We don't have enough information to know. You might start by giving us the electrical specs of the molding machine, and then telling us everything else electrical in the garage. If you really need 100 amps (i.e., 24KW), you probably need #2 copper, but that's a whole lot of power for a garage. Some inspectors allow #4 copper or #2 aluminum for 100 amps, but you'd have to check with your inspector.

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