frustrating outlet problem!


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Unhappy frustrating outlet problem!

i have ONE bathroom outlet that continually goes out on me. the last time it was "fixed" was about 3 months ago. the electrician replaced the it with a gfi one, as he said that the outside gfi outlet (on the outside of my house) was tripping it (apparently they are somehow connected).

well, it's out AGAIN. i'm at my wit's end wit this problem...what is the real problem here?

thanks for your help!
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It's hard to tell the real problem without more information.

What does a receptacle tester tell you?

Is there a GFCI receptacle outside? Does the outside receptacle work? What else is on the circuit? Do the other receptacles/lights on the circuit work?
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Installing another gfci down stream from an existing gfci isnt needed. However it is a little odd that they gfci protected your bathroom receptacle from an outside gfci. These are much more prone to trip killing the receptacles downstream because they are exposed to the elements. Big question here is if the outlet in the bathroom is losing power because the outside gfci is tripping as the electrician stated. Is this the case?
Replacing the bathroom outlet with a gfci would do little or nothing to prevent this. First make sure that the outlet is losing power because the outside gfci is tripping. If it isnt tripped then purchase a receptacle tester (about 8 bucks) and plug it into the bathroom outlet and it will give you a fault code through the lights on the tester, tell us what the tester shows.

Sorry Bob didnt realize you were replying

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