main disconnect feeder conductors and feeder


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Question main disconnect feeder conductors and feeder

New garage with new no. 10 wiring what type of main disconnect is needed?

What is a feeder and feeder conductors???

I was told Feeder conductors are not of proper size
Feeder to garage is improper size (215.2)
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We need much more to go on.

Attached garage? Detached garage? I assume the number 10 is feeding a sub panel. What size sub panel? What size breaker in the main panel is this wire connected to?
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The garage is detached.
I figured you would need more info so here goes what I could get between my dad and the permit:

The panel is a 50 amp with 20 and 30 circuit breakers to the garage. (one circuit breaker is 40 amps while the one in the house to the garage is 30 amps but we are aware of the required change.)

what's a subpanel? If you mean that the panel to the garage is an addition feeding off of the existing main panel in the house (sorry my lamen terms); then yes it is and the no. 10 wire is feeding it from the house to this subpanel. This wire is connected to a 30 amp (size) breaker in the main panel.

As for the size of panel does this help:
One - 10 up to 20-1 or 10-2 pole brkrs
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The subpanel is the panel in the garage.

The feeder is the set of wires between the buildings. Each wire in the set is a feeder conductor.

Article 215.2 of the National Electrical Code specifies the minimum rating and size of feeders. It has several parts, and from your description it's not clear which part the inspector was referencing. You could visit your public library reference section and read the code yourself. It would be important to know whether you are currently under the 1999 or 2002 code, as the details vary. The provision that probably applies is the one that requires the conductors to have an ampacity sufficient to supply the expected load. The expected load is independent of the size and number of breakers, and depends only on what is connected to those breakers.

It seems your inspector was less than helpful. A helpful inspector would have told you what size feeder conductors were required. Were you present for the inspection? If not, now you know why you always should be.
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We were there but typically inspectors are hesitant in informing owners. Which is why it makes it difficult for us to get the material in order to help expedite the process and ensure that contractors are not pulling our leg on material prices. From my working with dad the type of work consists of personal garage stuff and welding stuff like fences. According to my electrician the no 10 wire should suffice with a 30 amp breaker. The inspector told us to have the wire changed but didn't say to what. We didn't find out about the main disconnect (code 225-30) till I checked with DOB. Now we're in a bind because the electrician hates coming back to do our small job. What do you suggest without having to hire another electrician, which only causes more paperwork at DOB.

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