Where/What Are The Wires?


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Where/What Are The Wires?

I have a 1911 home with 3 types of wiring: Knob and tub, MC, and fiber sheathed. It appears that during previous renovations the wiring was update with one of the above three based on the decade. Now, I want to add some blown in insulation and need to find out which type of wires are where. Since I know that it is not advisable to add blown in with K&T, I need to find out where it is without tearing down the walls. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can determine which wiring is where? Thanks for your help in advance.
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I think the only way is to dig into the walls. There is no shortcut on this that I can think of.
Maybe this would also be a good time to changeout that knob & tube wiring anyway?
Good luck!
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I was afraid of that, I know that there is K&T in attic, which I can get to and rewire, the rest of the house is a crap shoot and I did not want to disturb the plaster. I was also thinking of renting one of those little cameras that are used for inspecting duct work.

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