Conduit on the floor?


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Conduit on the floor?

Another quick question concerning commercial applications; As a maintainence man in our small (but growing) factory, any equipment that I've connected has had the conduit all ran from overhead, keeping the floor clear, which if not code, is at least common sense (to me). Now that the California crew is here to finish the installations, many places now have 1/2 inch EMT fastened to the floor in places where there will be foot traffic. My opinion doesn't carry much weight at this point, but I am being asked to continue this procedure since this is how they did it in the California installation. Is this a code violation that I can prove my point with, or is this okay? Some lines are 110 V, but most are either 230 or 480 3-phase.
Thanks again...
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I can't imagine anyone running conduit on the floor especially where there is foot traffic.
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NEC 2002 Article 358 does not permit EMT to be installed where it will be subject to severe physical damage.
It is often left to the electrical inspector to determine whether foot traffic, or an occasional bump by a forklift (or similar equipment), is considered severe physical damage.
If it is exposed to foot traffic, usually an administrative type person that is responsible for employee safety calls in OSHA or the liability insurance agent to help sway the installation toward a safer environment.

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