GFI Reset Problem


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GFI Reset Problem

This is a followup to a post from yesterday.

A circuit in my house is down but the circuit breaker has not been tripped. Per the suggestions from yesterday, I found a GFCI outlet that is in the circuit. Nothing is or was plugged into the outlet recently. When I try to reset or test it nothing happens. I have used the outlet numerous times before so I know it worked at some point.

I was planning on replacing the outlet, but do these things "go bad" over time? Is that what is pulling the circuit down?
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If you cannot reset a GFCI receptacle then either there is a true ground fault or the receptacle is bad.

Yes, receptacles do go bad. However, before replacing it make sure that there isn't a ground fault. Does this GFCI receptacle protect other downstream receptacles? If so, where are they located? have you inspected them? Where is this receptacle located?

A common cause of a tripped GFCI is water in an outside receptacle. This can be fixed by drying the receptacle. Using a hairdryer can speed up the drying process.

If you replace the GFCI with a new one, and there is a ground fault then the new one won;t be able to be reset either.

If you are following up a previous post then you should continue the thread, not start a new one.

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