Wiring A Greenhouse


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Wiring A Greenhouse

This is a first for me as a contractor.. I have everthing figured out except mabe a opinion on what I run inside the greenhouse. Only feeding a gen. purpose outlet, a thermostat controlled fan and an evap cooloer. Evap is at one end and thermostat controlled fan at other end... As far as running wire from one end to other what would you use... Take in consideration there will be a mister system inside the greenhouse.. I'm leaning toward running all liquid - tite on the interior, but bx sure would be more convenient but propably not so practical considering the misting system.... Any opinions on this one?
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if there water or humidity you need to have vapor barrier outlet lights and thermostat


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PVC conduit. There are limits to how long a liquid-tite run can be.
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Definitely PVC, and lots of it.
I have done several greenhouses. They can be a pain.
I've done them with with fans on one end, powered louvers on the other, the T-stat in the middle, all working together.
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Greenhouse Wiring

Speedy Petey,

Kinda what I was thinking, I know the code on liquid tite. Sounds like the exact setup I'm doing as you described. What did you use for fastening the sched. #40. I just glanced at the frame, it is aluminum. Straps and self tappers? Where did you mount the thermostat? Thanks for the reply and happy Easter!
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I used mini's (mineralac's, Mae Wests) to hang the conduit. The green house guys made "hangers" out of PT boards to hang the t-stats at a decent level in the center areas.
One also had circulation fans off t-stats for the days the ex-fans were not needed.
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Greenhouse wiring

Thanks much speedy petey!!! sounds like a plan, don't know why I didn't think of the mini's. anyways, should be a pretty easy job and thanks again for the pointers!!

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