How to find load for breaker


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Question How to find load for breaker

I have mapped out my whole new construction house for the breaker box. Several (~50%) of the items were mis labeled. I have replaced all the back-stabed residential outlets with commercial, construction, or hospital grade outlets, and all swtches with commercial grade. So I know every circuit, outlet/switch tested to be dead b4 replacement. Every appliance I have rewired or checked (found dish washer hard wired with no NM connector just the wire passing through a sheet metal hole (grometless)). I know everything in my house very well, given my basement appliances there own circuits. Even found an addtional run into my kitchen w/ nothing attached to it, and no voltage via voltmeters voltage sensor.

But one breaker remains with nothing apparently connected to the circuit. It is wired, up, but I can't find the load. I thought it was the attic fan, but yesterday I found that to be off of the master bed branch. It was labeled once as bedroom #2, but now bed#2 is jumpered off of my loft's branch. I disconnected the jumper and started individually testing and disconnecting the outlets/switches in bed#2. I can't get the curicuits to overlap, I.E. I can't find a feed into those circuits except for the jumper from the loft. When I cut the loft everything in the bed#2 dies as well as the loft. When I cut the breaker in question, I loose nothing.

Any tricks that this hack doesn't know about that you pros do? I am willing to buy hardware, the thought of an unknown circuit is driving me nuts. The 14/2 from the 15 amp mystery breaker appears to head into the area that my upstairs beds take into the back wall of the house. My buest guess is upstairs.

Should I even be worried about this, any suggestions as to something it could work that I just over looked:

Lights (1st floor, 2nd floor, baths, kitchen, Garage, basement, etc)
Water heater
sump pump
Outside/basement GFI
fire alarm/door bell
electric range (duh) even an auxilary
attic fan
whirpool tub

Only other wierd item is there is a bare (no faceplace) receptacle in the back of my gas fireplace, but when I put a tester in it, it came up no voltage.

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Leave it turned off. Verify that there is no voltage at the output of the breaker, which would indicate a crossed circuit. Someday you may actually find something that doesn't have power.

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