Adding lights to a Living room


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Adding lights to a Living room

I have added 4 recessed cans and 4 wall sconces to my living room which had no lights before the addition. I just finished mapping out my electical panel and noticed there is a bedroom with a 15 amp breaker that has only the lights and receptacles for that bedroom on it. Is it OK to put the living room lights on the bedroom circut? I want to do this by code and I am not sure where I should get the power from. The main panel is full.

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Yes, you could use this circuit. However, be prepared for possible dimming lights when someone uses a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner in that bedroom.

A better solution would be a new circuit from the panel. Tandem breakers may be able to be used in your panel, allowing for a new circuit.
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Calculate the load for the bedroom at 3 watts per sq.ft.

EX; the calcualted load for a bedroom 20' X 20' is 400 X 3 = 1200 watts.

Add the "additional" load (fixture- lamp wattage) to the existing (calculated) load, measured in Watts

Divide the "Total Load" (watts) by 120 volts-- the result is the current in amperes ,which must be less than 15.

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!!!!
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If I went with a subpanel to get a new circuit can I use a 200 amp sub panel and run the feeder from the main panel directly into the Main 200 amp breaker as long as the breaker protecting the sub panel feeder is sized correctly?

Thanks for the help and replies.
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Yes, if you want. A more common solution is to buy a subpanel without a main breaker.

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