Converting a 110 volt pump to 230 volt?


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Converting a 110 volt pump to 230 volt?

Hi there,

I want to hook up a 110-volt chemical feed pump to the pressure switch of my submerisble well pump. Problem is my well pump is 220 or 230 volt (the metal box on the wall says 230). Is there a safe way to do this?

You are supposed to match the voltage of the chemical feed pump to the well pump, but a friend is going to give me the 110-volt pump for free.

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Theoretically, yes, if you have a neutral in the circuit. You would connect the NEUTRAL of your chem pump to the neutral of the pump, and the LINE connects to ONE of the 120V lines after the pressure switch.
If you have a straight 240V circuit w/o a neutral, you cannot do it.
I will defer to others on the "code-ality" of this project. (I just invented a word )
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This is one freebie you may not want to mess with.
I can say with almost certianty you cannot do it. Pretty much every submersible well pump I have ever seen was 220v. This with 12/2 (or 14/2 or 10/2) run as the circuit. This would have NO neutral to give you your 120 circuit.
You would need to run a new circuit to the chemical pump and use a relay or contactor with a 220v coil to control this 120 motor off the well pressure switch.
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Thanks, guys.

Sounds like a lot of trouble. Maybe my "free" 110-volt pump is more trouble than it's worth!

I'll probably just buy a 220-volt feed pump and wire directly to the pressure switch (and I'll probably be back here seeking advice, if I'm at all unsure).

Thanks again.
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If the pump control is in the house and not out at the pump the contactor with 240 coil will not be difficult to implement. Bring anew 120volt circuit to the new pump and use the 240 volt contactor powered by the well pump circuit to energize it.

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