weird vibe


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weird vibe

hey guys, got some wonderful info from the hvac section and thought I would check you guys out. I added a light fixture and switch In a new basement, when I swipe the swithc with the probe ( the one that beeps and glows red) about an inch or two away it reacts what did I do wrong?
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maybe I did not sound right, I installed a switch and light from a recepticle feed. the recepticle, switch and light work, but when I test the switch in the on position with the probe it reacts, when I turn the switch off and swipe the probe it only reacts fro0m the hot side. Is this normal
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somebody helppppppp!!!!!!!!! Please
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What probe are you talking aboput?
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Thanks for replying. the tester that looks like a pen and glows red and beeps when there is current. When I hold it away from the switch about two inches it reacts. I don't think this should happen
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You may have a tester designed to trace wiring behind walls, in which case the 2" range sounds reasonable. Check the instructions. They should explain if this is the case.
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I think you are fine. My guess is that you are off of a main circuit and therefore the black is always hot, but the white is not because it only has current (returning form the fixture) when the swith is on. I am not an expert though, so wait until you hear from someone who is - I am sure someone will weigh in today.
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yahoo_ 20002,

What you have is a non-contact voltage probe.
They are very sensitive and only really to be used as a guideline when testing for power because they will often react to stray voltage.

This tool is really not to meant to be used for what you are doing.
I use these for troubleshooting but you need a lot of experience to sort out the bad readings and they are never to be used as a test before touching the wires.
You need a normal contact type voltage tester
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You readings sound correct to me. There is always live power in the switch box unless you turn off the breaker.
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thanks, thats a big relief. Yeah the probe/ tester is one of those 5 buck gadgets that you use to get an idea with . and again thanks for all the replies

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