Re-wiring Outside Lights


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Cool Re-wiring Outside Lights

Hi guys!
I am sure the question I am going to ask you have heard ad-infitum, but here goes. I had to move a set of junction boxes to do another project and found a unpleasant suprise. What I thought was two separate boxes were really one with wires jumpering to the other in a small conduit and really jammed in there. So moving the wire, I decided to consolidate all properly in one larger box, to avoid all the pigtails, and the tale begins.
Before I started all the spots and lights worked properly and I tried to mark all wires before removal. But it seems as the wire came through the conduit the markings didn't.
In the first box was the power feed of a two wire (Black/White) Bx 14ga cable. This was the feed for a outside low pressure sodium, one outlet for a bug zapper and supply for three spotlights. Each of these items are connected to the supply by a individual 14ga romex two wire (white/black/bare). The three spots are on one romex wire. The spots are controlled from a upstairs mudroom by two single throw switches.( One switch controls two lights, the other controls one.)

Also entering the scene is a three wire Bx (red/black/white) which is labeled switch wire and leads to the upstairs switches. At the switches the black goes to switch one brass terminal and the red goes to switch two brass terminal The white goes to switch one silver loops the terminal screw and terminats on switch two silver screw.

So entering the new box I have three(3) romex two wire(branches), one Bx three(3) wire(switch) and one Bx two (2) wire(supply).

I have gotten the sodium and oulet working but seems I am having a senior moment and can't remember the bloody combo for the switches! LOL!!

What is the combo to connect the three wire switch wire to the two wire light supply? Please before I loose some more of these precious little grey things trying to remember this!!!

BTW, I intend to take these bloody circuits and separate them on a subpanel with a larger supply wire. But that will be another posted question later!!!

Sorry for length but I hope I was able to convey where I am perplexed.

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You must connect the black supply wire to the white switch wire. Connect the red switch wire to one of the black spot light wires. Connect the black switch wire to the other black spotlight wire. Connect the white supply wire to the White spotlight wires.

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