Direct vent heater wiring


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Question Direct vent heater wiring

Hi Guys, I am in need of some advice again.

I am installing a direct vent heater on a wall in my finished basement. I also bought the optional blower that goes with the heater.

The blower assembly came with an electrical cord that is supposed to run out a hole in the bottom of the heater and then up the wall to be plugged into a receptacle, providing there is one nearby. In my case that's not an issue as I have the walls open and am running all new circuits anyway.

My problem is I wasn't expecting the pre-made cord for the motor. I thought I would have to run the romex into the housing and then hard wire the connections in a box, which is what I would prefer. I'd rather not see the cord coming out of the unit and always plugged into a receptacle.

There is plenty of room inside to mount a metal receptacle box, above where the gas valve and regulator sit, but can I do this? I could do it by either installing a plug receptacle and plugging it in, or by running the wires inside and wire nutting them together.

The install manual makes no reference to allowing or disallowing this, so I guess it would be up to code restrictions.

If it's not allowed, is there some other way of accomplishing my goal? Surely some of you seasoned electricians in here have come across this situation and can pass along some advice on the best way to accomplish this.

Thanks for the help I know I'll get....I hope.
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Doing what you propose is acceptable, but the blower would be in continious operating. Why not take the opertunity to add a 120V thermostat.
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My advice is to use the unit as it was designed and intended to be used. You will likely void the warranty if you mess with it.
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Snoonyb, thanks for your advice.

The motor would still be controlled by the temp switch that is attached. I wouldn't be interrupting that part of the circuit. All I want to do is plug the unit in inside rather than outside.


That's a good point that I hadn't thought of. I think I will contact the manufacture and see what they have to say before I do anything. But would you agree that other than the warranty issue it would be OK?

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