dumb question


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dumb question

My service panel is in the basement under the house. My garage is left of the house on a slab (naturally). Everything is finished and attic above the house has a small opening (I won't get my fat butt through it).

The layout is Garage (far left), family room and kitchen (above service panel area).

How can I run a new line from the service panel (I have open slots) to the garage (I need more 20 amp service there)? I am sure that I will need an electrician but was wondering how this is done?


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You run the wire up into the common wall.
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If by "everything is finished" you mean that the basement ceiling is also drywalled, then the electrician may have to cut some holes in the basement ceiling. Otherwise, it would be pretty trivial to get a wire up from an unfinished or acoustical-tiled basement ceiling to the garage.
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The room where the panel box is located is unfinished. Right above that is the sink area in the kitchen. I assume they run it up through there to a hole in one of the bathrooms (just above the sink area) and into the attic. Then across the attic into the garage attic.

Problem is the attic. Looks like blown in insulation, very tight opening and absolutely no lights.

Once again, my big butt isn't getting in there but I am sure a qualified electrician can do it.

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If your attic has blown insulation, then it must be possible for a person to maneuver around in it. They might have to be rather small so it might help to mention the rather limited access to whomever you contact about it.

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