Flickering lights


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Unhappy Flickering lights

Help! I am a new homeowner (8 days now!) and my lamps and dining room fixture flicker everytime the heat kicks on or the sump pump pumps. They flicker like CRAZY when I do laundry.

The inspector found nothing wrong at the inspection.

I would love anyone's opinion before I have to call in a professional. Thanks!
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Flickering Lights

It sounds like a loose connection somewhere to me.

I had a similar problem and had an electrician check it out, but he found nothing wrong in the house. He suggested it was a power company problem because my neighbor had the same problem. The power company checked it out but found nothing wrong. They suggested it could be anywhere down the line and as simple as a tree branch touching the line. I finally lost half the circuits in the house before the power company decided to check further. It turned out to be a bad connection at the pole/transformer.

If all your lights flicker it is probably the neutral. If only some flicker it is probably one of the phases.
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As a first try, call the power company. 63% of the time, they fix it for free. Only spend your own money if they say that their stuff checks out okay.

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