Bathroom recepticle not working - GFCI Issue?


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Bathroom recepticle not working - GFCI Issue?

I have two bathrooms in my house with 1 recepticle each. Neither of these are working, and the last time this happened, all I had to do was reset the GFCI switch in the garage. However, this time, the GFCI switch won't let me reset it. I can push the reset button in, but it just pops back out. Anyone know what is wrong?

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A guess maybe that some GFCI's will not reset when there is no power applied. So check your breakers, and check to see if there is another GFCI upstream somewhere else that feeds that GFCI in the garage.
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As Ron said, there may not be power coming into the GFCI. Check the circuit breaker.

The other possibility is that you have a ground fault. What else is on this circuit after the garage? Are there outside receptacles? Did either receptacle in the bathrooms get wet?
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One more possibility, bad gfci recep. Remove the conductors from the load side of the recep, with the breaker off, of course. Turn the breaker on and see if the recep will reset and operate, If not change the recep.
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No other GFCI recepticals upstream that I can find. the GFCI does have power coming into it (I accidently shocked myself - this set is on a different breaker than the rest of my garage and I didn't know that until now). I don't know of anything that got wet, but it has been about 2 weeks, so anything that was wet should be dry by now. I replaced the GFCI and that one didn't work either.

Any other suggestions?
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There are only 1 set of wires going to it?? (one white, one black, one bare)
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In a closed environment such as an electrical box, it's possible that something that got wet two weeks ago is still wet. Or maybe there is a leak keeping it wet. Or maybe something plugged in is faulty (have you unplugged everything)? Or perhaps you miswired the new GFCI. Or perhaps there is an accidental short in the box. Or maybe you hung a picture on the wall and the nail hit a wire.

Did you do the experiment Jedi suggested? Start by shutting off the breaker and disconnecting the wires from the load side of the GFCI. Then restore power and see if the GFCI can reset then.
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yup, you guys were right. One of the receptacles had water in it. I just went to try everyone's suggesgions and i pushed the reset button and it worked without my doing anything!

Thanks to saving me an electrician visit!


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