Wire in conduit


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Wire in conduit

I have an old roll of 12 gauge wire that I would like to verify if it can be run through EMT. The tag is missing off the spool. This is what is stamped on the wire:

Anaconda Type THNN or THWN 12 AWG VW-1 600 Volts Gasoline & Oil Resistant.

Also, while wiring, and rewiring, as part of my current remodel job I have uncovered numerous junction boxes concealed by sheetrock. Most are in the garage area so I just cut holes in the sheetrock to gain access. One thing I have noticed about them is they are only supported by the conduit. They are not nailed or screwed to any structure. They're located between the floor joists.

Is this OK, or should they be mounted to structure by some means?

Just an example of what I have found. One box had a light fixture attached to it. The kind that is ceramic...some have a pull chain, this one didn't. Anyway, the box was located up inside between the floor joists so that only the threaded portion of the fixture was visible from the floor. There was sheetrock installed all around it and then plastered around the ceramic portion that was exposed. I removed the light as I don't really need it anyway, but it's amazing what one finds in these old homes.

Another find was a large square jbox that had a zillion wires going through it. Some were wire nutted and some just went on through. The back side of the cover had arcing marks on it and some of the white wires were blackened, like they were burnt. There is one black wire that has bare wire exposed in several places. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Obviously, the one that caused the arcing marks on the cover. Of course I plan on repairing these but sheesh, it's a wonder houses aren't burning down all around us...or are they? I guess I'm lucky with this one.

I'll bet you guys in here can tell some really good stories.

Thanks for the help.
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Did you type "THNN" when you meant "THHN"? Yes, you can run it through EMT.

Secure the junction boxes to the joists.

Make sure you didn't breach a firewall (between the garage and a living space) when you cut those access holes. You may have just traded one hazard for another. Not only would fire be able to get through much more quickly, but also smoke and carbon monoxide from your car exhaust.

Most of these old poorly wired homes don't burn down...but some do.
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Yep, I did mean THHN...I'm dyslexic sometimes.

I plan on repairing all of the holes I made when I am finished with this project.

Thanks for the advice.


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