Watthour Meter Question


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Watthour Meter Question

I'm putting a meter on my camper power pole. It's a 30 amp single phase service and I want to meter it. On the meter base on the Line side, tell me if I'm right.
On one side put the hot wire, ground goes straight through and the neutral goes on the other side. On the load side it's the same just on the bottom side of the meter. Am I right?
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It depends on whether it is a 120 volt meter or a 240 volt meter. Is it your meter or will the electric utlity company be providing service to it? Are all of your loads 120 volt or do you have some 240 volt loads. If it is 240 volt then each hot leg goes to a socket terminal and the neutral goes under the lugs that do not connect to the meter terminals. If it is 120 volt, most of the ones I've seen (it's been a while) have the neutral on the right. If you have the meter, it should be easy to see which side is basically a jumper and you could go from there.

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