do i have enough to power a hot tub?


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Question do i have enough to power a hot tub?

I'm no electrician, but i can get most things done myself if i understand them.

That being said, in remodeling my house, i want to put in a hot tub if i can. The problem comes with running power to it. I have a 1awg al wire to my meter, and everything i read says that amounts to 100/125 amp service. My panel has to be near capacity now (7ea 15amp, 6ea 20 amp, 30 for the dryer, and 50 for electric range). Main is a 100amp (2x50) breaker.

Do i have enough for a hot tub? Is that normally a 50amp breaker? Does running a subpanel help me and why? Should i scrap the electric range and change to gas if i really want this hot tub? I'm trying to avoid upgrading my service. Any suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Find the tub you want and get the electrical requirements. If you are looking for a whirlpool tub you should be fine. With an electric dryer and electric range and a 100A service a hot tub or spa is most likely out of the question without an upgrade.
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A #1 AL service entrance is indeed adequate for a 100A service. If your main breaker is a double wide 50A breaker, then you have a 50A service with the upgrade capacity to 100A.
You need to calculate your home's demand load. See

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