Fuse box keeps tripping when turning outside light off


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Fuse box keeps tripping when turning outside light off


Hope someone can help, i have installed an outside 150watt light, the only place i could get power to it was from a plug socket internally behind.

I have added live, neutra & Earth up to a switch on the wall inside (live to L2 and neutral to L3), then i have run live wire from L1 and neutral from L3 to light switch outside.

It is fine when i turn switch on, light comes on with delayed reaction due to it being on a motion sensor, 5 times out of 10 when i go to switch it off the light switch will light up and go bang and knock the fuse out.

Should i be using the neutral to split the connection? i am a novice, please help.
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You are going to have to do a batter job describing how you wired this. You talk about L1, L2 and L3, but those mean nothing. Where are these connections?

It does sound like you connected a neutral to the switch, which would be very wrong.

Describe ALL the connections you made.
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does the switch have a pilot light? If not, the neutral (white) should splice directly to the outside light and break the hot (black) through the switch. Bond the bare (earth) from the source to both the switch and light.
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Sounds like the classic miswire of a switch loop. The switch is actually a dead short and you are turning it on not off when it pops the fuse. It sounds like you might be in UK or Australia by your description. Most of the posters here are from North America. Give us a few more details we and still might be able to help you.

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