current draw


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current draw

While I'm familiar with calculating current draw for circuit design--anticipated loads, amperage size etc., I was wondering how this applies to a circuit that you would have a stereo system hooked up to. Since stereos rely on amplifiers to boost their signal, if say, you had a 3000 watt stereo, how large would you need to go?
I understand the inverse relationship between currrent/voltage; would current draw be "lowered" proportionally as you got higher up in stereo wattage output so a 15A circuit would suffice? Does this question make sense?
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Because the output power rating of a stereo amplifier is not reported the same way by all mfr's, using output power to determine the cct load would be difficult.

As an example I own two Pioneer stereo amplifiers.
One is a late eighties intgrated amp that is rated at 88 watts rms into 8 ohms. It weighs around 40 pounds and draws 670 watts at 120 volts.
My second is a mid nineties Pioneer surround amp that on the front is labelled at 100 watts.
This one weighs around 15 pounds and draws 320 watts at 120 volts.

The sixties saw output ratings of the "music power" kind, the seventies and early eighties saw the ratings being made using rms wattage at a certain distortion level and then after this they went back to confusing unrealistic ratings.

The moral of the story is you will need to take the power consumption rating off the specific amp you will be using.

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