Removing knob wiring, general whining.


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Removing knob wiring, general whining.

Just sharing my ugly project. Before attic insulation I must remove the old knob and tube wiring left behind after the house was 'mostly' rewired with new service panel and romex to all the outlets, 10 years ago. Most of this one circuit of tube wiring left behind is still energized, but not connected to fixtures (just snipped off inside the walls!). The primary circuit I must remove is the old 2nd floor lighting circuit cause its all over the attic floor from when the house used to have ceilings lights, (but no more, it's a shame).

It started out great. I discovered only the stairwell light fixture was the only thing on this circuit. Is that lucky or what !!??? Then I learned there was no quick access from the attic to the basement. So I spent 3 hours looking for cheats. Found none. Ah well, such is life. Then when I figured how to get a new wire to the attic for the light fixture, I thought, great, only 5 minutes work here. Wrong.

Can you guess why? Stairwell lighting? Hmmmmm?

I realized it had a 3 way switch, upstairs and downstairs. No access to the switch wiring either.

Another 2 hours looking for cheats. None found.

But it's on schedule so far. However, I did see tube wiring in the crawl space. It was cut off and laying in the sandy soil that makes up half the crawl space. Gee'z! Really, just let it lay in the sand for 10 years? And it passed inspection when the remodelers finished with it 10 yrs ago. And boy is that tube wiring thick.

In the end, I will have spent an enormous amount of time to replace a circuit that serves only 1 light. The bedrooms do not have ceiling lights( a shame). And the second floor bath vanity light is a separate new circuit that was forever embedded behind the walls somewhere by the remodelers.

I am glad to say that I learned from this forum that the lighting circuit should be on a separate circuit, even if there is only 1 ceiling light on the second floor. Without the glimmer of that one single light, the 2nd floor would be pitch black. The clothing iron trips it often when the window a/c units are on.

Of course, I will run a 3 wire romex to the attic (to provide an extra 15 amp circuit) and give the iron outlet it's own circuit.

Are those old ceramic spools really worth $25 each on ebay? I will have 20 of them.

Don't worry, it will be a surgical removable of tubing, no splice crap, just all gone.
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Save the tubes, they make good knife sharpeners.
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Man....people will pay anything on might just be able to pay for the material for the job selling them on e-bay...

Might also make great catfish would I know I dont fish.

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