Running multiple outlets


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Running multiple outlets

I'm running multiple outlets and wondering if when you connect black(neutral) to brass and white(hot) to silver do I need to break brass the tabs between them? Also, the same goes for light switches. I have 1 switch and 2 dimmers. How would I continue the run to the next dimmer? With a pigtail??
Thanks for the help.
Forgot to add the wiring I'm using -- 14/2
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Are you in North America? If so, black is hot and white is neutral. Mixing them up is sometimes fatal.

The only time you break off the tab is when split-wiring a receptacle. Receptacles are split-wired for any of several reasons: One reason is to make half of the receptacle always hot, and half switched. Another is to wire each half on a separate circuit. But you can't accomplish either of these merely by breaking off the tab--you also unless must have the extra wires to do so.

I'm not sure what you mean by "the same goes for light switches". Most switches don't have tabs. Duplex switches do have one tab, and there are a couple of reasons you might want to break it off. One is if the power source is different for the two switches. Another is if you have two switch loops.

There are several alternatives for wiring switches. Pigtails are usually used on the hot wire when you need to continue unswitched power to another switch.

I suggest you read two or three books on home wiring before proceeding.

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