running romex through plaster wall?


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Question Plaster trap under sink

i work in a dentist office. In our small lab we have a sink that has a plaster trap underneath in the piping. The sink drains through this unit. it looks like a paint bucket with in and out piping from the sink and to the main drain (in and out throught the cover). in this paint bucket like unit is a rubber bag that collects/filters the dirty stuff. (boy does it smell when it is changed!)
the rubber bag and its contents is disposed of in our hazrdous waste container.

the bucket connects to the bucket top with 3 screws and twist nuts, with a rubber gasket between the top and the bucket. We have always had problems getting this to seal completely, very hard to turn nuts, continually a problem, leaks etc. there has got to be a better way for this.

Can anyone suggest a different type of set up in there?

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running romex through plaster wall?

Will running Romex through an old plaster & lath wall that is chipping damage the Romex sheathing? Currently, there is Bx cable in there, which the Romex would replace.

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