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wall receptacle

I have a receptacle (top outlet only) that runs off a wall switch. The lamps we want to run off this switch are on another wall. I do not want to run an extension cord. Any other ideas other than rewiring?
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There are "wire-less" controls available for controlling ceiling-fans which consists of a battery-powered transmitter, and a receiving module which connects between the line-leads and the fan-leads inside the ceiling canopy.

Possible a similiar control may be available for receptacle and liting outlets.

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You should be able to accomplish this with X10.
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You may want to examine the wiring. Sometimes the wiring will be such that you can make a few changes and switch other receptacles in the room.

With the power off examine the wiring in the boxes in the room. If you see an extra wire in the boxes that doesn't connect to anything you may be able to do this.
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Your situation fulfills the code requirement of having to be able to turn on illumination upon entering a space.
It is probably the only recepticle in the room in this configuration.
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Whether or not this is the only receptacle depends on how the wiring was done. With the exception of tract homes, I have often seen the wiring run with 14-3 or 12-3, enabling ANY receptacle in the room to be switched, especially in bedrooms.

Before spending money on wireless switches, you should at least examine the wiring.

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