Wiring 240 V European 3-wire Oven


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Question Wiring 240 V European 3-wire Oven

I have an Italian 240 volt oven, rated at 2270 max watts. The oven has three wires - a positive (hot), neutral and earth. Does anyone know how this can be wired here? Not sure whether you can simply use 12/2 wire and attach each 'hot' to the postive and neutral respectively. Thanks in advance for your help.
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There is no such thing as a positive when discussing alternating current (ac), either here in North America or in Europe.

You may be able to use this oven here, but I don't recommend it.
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We don't actually have a neutral on 240 volt circuit in NA. You need to verify the neutral is not connected to the earth on you Italian stove. If it is you can not use it here without some sort of mods.
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The German and Italian outlets/plugs are non-polarized. Although the European power system has one of the conductors grounded, the plugs can go in either way. All electrical equipment is required to deal with either conductor being the hot conductor by never connecting either current carrying conductor to equipment frames. I got this information from a friend in Germany when I was discussing the possibility of connecting autoranging computer power supplies to 240 volts here in the USA. SInce the same power supplies work in either country, both power conductors must be able to work on ungrounded conductors.

Your Italian stove is likely to meet this requirement. The remaining issues are the power frequency, and the slightly higher voltage. Since voltage standards in Europe vary from 220 to 240 volts, as they also do in Asia, it is likely that the voltage won't be an issue. The 60 Hz could be if the electronics uses the AC as a timing source under the assumption that it is 50 Hz. But most things don't care.

You should check into this carefully to be sure so you can avoid any property damage. But it is likely to work in which case changing out the plug to a US type NEMA 6-15P and installing a NEMA 6-15R or 6-15/20R receptacle should be all you need.

You can see more about the plugs and outlets here.

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