Wiring question


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Wiring question

I could use some help on figuring out the best way to wire this scenario. I want the outlet to always be on as well.

- I have 2-wire power coming into a light switch. This is my power source.
- I want the switch to control wall light right above the switch.
- I have installed 2-wire cable to from switch to fixture.
- There is 3-wire cable leaving the light switch and going to an outlet below the switch.
- The outlet below also has 2-wire cable going to another outlet down stream.

This is how I wired it:
Red wire capped on both ends.

At switch.
Connect all three whites together.
Connect power black, receptacle black and a pigtail together.
Connect the pigtail to switch bottow screw.
Connect fixture black to switch upper screw.
At fixture.
Connect black fixure wire to black.
Connect white to white.
At receptacle.
Connect both blacks to gold screws of receptacle.
Connect both whites to silver screws of receptacle.

Connect all grounds at all boxes except light switch where i connected one ground wire to ground screw on switch and left other two connected to screw on back of box.


My light works fine but the outlight wired from the switch and subsequent outlets are not working properly. They all seem to be hot. The outlet from the switch power is indicating that the lower outlet has a hot ground reversed. Any thoughts?
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I suspect that the receptacle below the switch was originally half switched. Examine this receptacle. If the tab is broken between the gold screws, then you either have to replace the receptacle (easiest) or use pigtails to connect both gold screws to the incoming and outgoing black wires.
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Hot ground reversed is the normal indication of an open neutral. Check the neutral connection in the switch box and the receptacle.
Although it is not your problem all the grounds should be connected together in the switch box and to the switch.

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