Runnig 3 phase compressor off of 110/220?


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Question Runnig 3 phase compressor off of 110/220?


Just ended up with a 10HP air compressor out of a shop that closed down around here. It was sold as a 220v compressor, but when I arrived to pick it up found that it was 220V 3 phase.

I've only got 220 in my garage, and after pricing single phase motors am thinking I'm outta luck on this one.

Is there any reasonable way for me to get this thing up and running that I'm missing? I know a static phase converter probably won't handle the duty cycle the air compressor is going to require, rotary phase converters are just too expensive to be logical here. I've heard of some people "making" a rotary out of a spare 3 phase motor, but don't have a spare motor laying around.

I do have a spare 2 HP single, is it maybe possible to use this to get the compressor jump started at all... maybe not needing the 3rd leg that way?

Any ideas are appreciated.....
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Check out used 3-phase motors on ebay. They often go REAL cheap.

I read up on rotary phase converters some time back (just doing Google searches), as my father also accidentally bought a piece of three phase equipment for his single phase shop. I never really pursued it, as the piece he bought is not something he urgently needs (and I think he just paid maybe $35 for it).

If you are able to find a 3-phase motor suitable to build one, I'd love to hear how your project comes out. My understanding is that this motor will need to be at least as big or a little bigger than the motor you plan to power.

Another option to look into is to see if that motor can be rewound (I hope that is correct term) as a single phase motor.

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