Gfi Circuit


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Gfi Circuit

My niece has a two year old home that has an electrical outlet off the back porch. From this she runs a small pond...pump, areation etc. I have noticed that there is no GFI outlet in the box. The circuit that it is on has a GFI that is in the garage where the fridge is plugged into. How can I tell if the entire circut is wired through that one GFI? Or can I? I suppose the quickest way to solve this would be put a GFI in the outdoor box but money is tight and would prefer not to buy one if possible. THANKS....
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Without spending money for a tester, I'd say trip the GFCI outlet that is upstream and see if the outlets downstream lose power.
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Examine the wiring at the GFCI (more time consuming) or simply trip the GFCI with the test button and then test for power at the back yard receptacle (less time consuming).
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thank You....

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