gfi tripping


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gfi tripping

i have a outside outlet i changed to a this i have a line running into an outlet in my shed ,and the another outlet ran over to my pond pump...i had everything working fine with ufb cable,and i changed to single 12 gauge thhn(?),the one with the the w on the cable like was suggested here...problem is the gfi keeps tripping..when i un hook the line going to the pond outlet,the shed and the gfi outlet are fine...when i hook the pond outlet back up ,it trips......
i ran the pond outlet through the conduit first,and i seen a piece of green insulation on the ground,i think i might have cut a wire pulling the conductor through the going to have to run 3 new wires through that section of the conduit and have a helper watch the wire go through one end while i pull the other...
do yous agree that this could most likely be the problem..i have all the nuetral and the hot,and ground hooked up properly and all outlets are in weather proof boxes,plus no rain here in the past week,been hot and hopping i screwed up the insulation on the run to the pond outlet...........thanks for any advice you can give me
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sounds like a ground fault to me exactly what a gfi is designed to do. sounds like you will have to replace some wire
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I would take out the pump and plug it into the GFI directly.
Some pumps are filled with oil. the oil circulates around the wires inside the pump
the wires inside the pump are crimped to the motor coils.
The crimp connectors inside the pump are not-not insulated from the oil
I seen the oil go bad.
If the oil goes bad that will trip the GFI.
The bad oil can create a path of current from the connectors to the grounded case of the pump.
If the seal goes bad water getting into the pump will do the same thing.
You would need to check the resistance of the pumps ground to the wires of the pump.

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