Silly question (Ground Receptacle Up or Down?)


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Silly question (Ground Receptacle Up or Down?)

I had a discussion with my neighbor about some electical work he had done to his house. I noticed he had all the outlets in a room with the ground up. I told him I think the outlets are upside down. He told me I was crazy that it didn't matter which way the outlet was installed. I remember someone telling me the proper way is for the ground to be at the bottom for a vertical and for ground to be on the right for a horizontal. Is there something in the NEC or is it just prefence by the electrician. Just wondering
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It absolutely does not matter. There is no code ruling on this issue.

Most folks do consider "ground down" normal, but this is just familiarity plain and simple.
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I notice that my GFI receptacles have the ground up when the text on the "test" and "reset" buttons is right side up.
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Some people feel that ground up is safer because you cannot accidentally short out the hot and neutral by dropping say a screwdriver over a cord that might have exposed connectors from not being plugged in all the way. Obviously, the odds of something like that are so low that the NEC doesn't worry about it.

I think a bigger factor for me is which way transformers and things need to plug in, it seems like the receptacle is always upside down from what they want.
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Some electricians prefer to place the ground up on "switched" outlets and ground down on all others. That can be very useful in quickly identifying those outlets controlled by a wall switch. Having said that, it really doesn't matter.
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Always put the ground on the bottom. I tried putting them upside down but ended up reversing all of them because so many things are designed to plug in right side up.
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I personally always install the recepts with the ground down towards ground.....hey I like that.....The Ground down towards the ground........I do like green eggs and ham....Sam I am...I am.

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