Ceiling Outlets, OK?


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Ceiling Outlets, OK?

I am installing an exhaust fan above a cooktop. It has a 6" duct that is concealed behind a chimney housing. The housing is only 9" wide, so I only have 1 1/2" on each side of the duct to install an outlet w/ faceplate. Maybe there is enough room (1/4") if I tuck the outlet partially behind the curve of the duct, but the fullheight backsplash is stone and I have zero room for mistakes.

I thought a solution would be to locate the outlet on the ceiling. There is plenty of room in front of the duct, yet still behind the confines of the chimney housing. Then, I read today on another site that ceiling outlets/ j-boxes are not allowed by Code. Is there some other way to have a ceiling outlet?

Can anyone comment on this?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Fred Warden
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Well, make no mistakes. It isn't that hard to measure twice and cut once. In this case measure 20 times and cut once. Don't forget the thickness of the vent pipe, add 1/4" and go for it. You can't believe the agonizing measuring moments I've had, leading up to that final, perfect, cut. Make a template out of luan. Don't rush the cut. Use a hole saw to cut the stone perfectly. Take a steel nail punch and make a punch mark in the center of your radius. The mandril of the hole saw will begin to make a hole there, after which the outside of the hole saw will begin to hit home. Home Depot might even carry one (probably $70), maybe a rental place has a 6 1/4" hole saw for stone or concrete. A wood hole saw will NOT work.
Good luck.
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Why not just hardwire the fan? Might be easier, and more conventional...
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The question was and still is: Is a ceiling outlet Code? Thank you for the how-to's regarding the vent line, but I have that covered. I can hardwire the unit but I don't think I have the side room required for the faceplate.

Also, if I install the outlet on the ceiling, I don't have to cut the stone at all and therefore don't have to worry about hole alignment and depth.

Again: Is a ceiling outlet Code?

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I am not aware of any prohibition against ceiling recepacles.
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My company designs and builds containerized support equipment for the U.S. military. Everything is wired to the NEC. We use lots of ceiling receptacles, but always use the twist-lock kind.

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