Breaker/Service Panel Compatibility


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Breaker/Service Panel Compatibility

I have an ITE service panel (100 amp). The panel is full and 3 breakers were double-tapped when I moved into the house. I would like to add some duplex 15/15 breakers to fix this, but my local electrical supply house tells me that ITE doesn't make duplex breakers for this panel and that installing a different brand breaker will violate the NEC (and cause my insurance company to deny my claim when my new Murray tandem breakers cause my house to burn down.)

So - is there really no such thing as a Siemens/ITE duplex breaker?

Any opinions/judgments on installing Brand X breakers in a Brand Y panel? (It seems like it not technically correct, but everybody does it anyway.)

Thanks for any help.
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Why do you doubt what the electric supply house is telling you? Sounds like you need a new panel.

Do not install a breaker that is not made for your panel. You are wrong. "Everybody" does NOT do it. To do so would be foolish.
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You could just pigtail the two wires together with another short length that would attach to the breaker. This would solve the problem of 2 wires under one terminal.
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pc boss is correct, if the breaker isn't listed for 2 wires. If it is then you are already ok. If you want 2 separate circuits you must find a breaker that is listed to use in the panel, regardless of manufacturer. I know Siemans makes a quad breaker, I just installed one. It has 2, 2 pole circuits.
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Check this link!products/grp!33
It appears th siemans/ite q15/15 or 20/20 is what you need. Tell the supply house to eat mud.

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