Quick receptacle question


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Quick receptacle question

I am getting ready to do a kitchen remodel and I am planning out my electrical additions for lighting and so on. I have checked my circuit loads and have to run a new circuit for the microwave since it will have to be a different circuit then the fridge. I am also adding recessed lights in there but I am pulling power from the recessed lights I did last year with your guys help! The circuit is a 20 amp and can handle the load of the 5 new lights along with the 400 watts running in the livingroom. (1900 watts for 20 amp)
But here is my question.

I currently have a switch/plug (switch on top, plug on bottom) receptacle that controls the over the sink light, I want to remove that wire from the switch and cap an empty box. Then run new wire through the attic and back down throught he wall and install a receptacle in the upper part of one cabinet and then back up to go to another top of cabinet on the other side of the room. All controlled by that switch. (all for under cabinet lighting, do not want power block or transformer to be seen outside of cabinet)

Can I install the receptale flush with the cabinet back wall (should be flush with drywall) or do I have to use BX?

Since I am adding the microwave circuit. I need not use the wire that runs the current range hood. (since it is connected to the fridge and laying on the bottom of a upper cabinet ) Should I just trace the wire and disconnect it from the fridge plug inside the box and discard?

Thank you for all the help!
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You can install receptacles inside cabinets. You can make them regular wall receptacles and make a hole in the cabinet large enough to access the receptacle, or you can mount the receptacle in the rear of the cabinet itself. Another option is to install a surface mount box at the rear of the cabinet. You only need to protect the cable if it is exposed inside the cabinet.

If you abandon wiring you can either push it out of the box and into the wall space or you can leave it in permanently accessible boxes on both ends, capped off.

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