changing power outlets


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changing power outlets

Since I remodeled my kitchen and changed the power outlets and switches, I decided to change the outlets and switches in my house. Almost everything worked except for 2 power outlets. When I opened the power outlets, some have red, black and 3 white wires with ground wiring on it. Some have only a 2 black and 2 white wires and ground wiring. The 2 outlets I am having a problem has only 1 white and 1 black and ground wires on it. When I tested it, it's saying that it's "open hot". I've noticed that when I was changing 1 outlet that it wouldn't work until all the outlets around it are done. Now, the only outlet that I didn't changed was the one behind the entertainment center. Do I have to change that outlet for the 2 outlets to work?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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If you swapped receptacles and didn't make other changes then everything should work. You would have to get the wires back to the same place on the new receptacles, and make sure that the tabs separating the upper and lower half of the receptacles matched as well.

If you do this properly, then you should have been able to replace a single receptacle, all of them , or any number of them, and still have power everywhere.

If you don't have power where you used to have power then you made a mistake somewhere. Either you missed a wire and left it open in a box, or you mis-wired something, or a wire came loose while repacking the box.

It would have been better for you to replace one receptacle at a time and verify proper operation after replacing each receptacle. However, it sounds like it's too late for that. An open hot is simply that, a hot wire (usually black, but could be red or even sometimes white) that is not connected. It could be at the receptacle that reads open hot, or it could be at the receptacle feeding this receptacle.

Your job now is to find it.
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Sorry, I mis-read the

original post.

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