Two doorbells, two transformers?


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Two doorbells, two transformers?

I want to add an upstairs doorbell to my system that currently has a 16V transformer with one (downstairs) doorbell and front and back door buttons. Can I install a second 16V transformer and connect one of its terminals to the first transformer's terminal where the button wires commonly connect? Or will that short out the transformers? With this setup, the new upstairs doorbell would connect to the second terminal on the new transformer, while the first doorbell would remain connected to the second terminal of the original transformer.
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Do you want another doorbell button? Or another doorbell chime which is operated by the existing buttons?

Assuming that you meant that you wanted another chime, you don't need a second transformer, but you do probably need to change the 10va transformer to a 20va or 30va transformer to have enough power for the second chime. You can then just run wires from the first chime to the second chime. If this is too difficult, they do make a way to add a second chime wirelessly.
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There are wireless door chimes that simply plug into any 120v transformer or wiring needed. I believe batteries required for the buttons.

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