Need help adding power outlet please....


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Need help adding power outlet please....

I`m in the process of gutting a room to convert into bathroom..House was built in 1960 and theres only 1 outlet/recepticle in room..Would like to add another recepticle but cant run new wire to breaker box without tearing out walls in other room....I`m thinking you cant "splice" into existing wire can you?Any help/ideas would be great..By the way,Its 2 wire(wht & black)Thanks a lot....
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Bathrooms are highly regulated and a lot of electrical codes apply. Since you are gutting the room, you will be required to bring the electrical system up to today's code. Among other things, that requires a 20-amp circuit serving only the bathroom, or a 20 amp circuit serving only bathroom receptacles. There are many tricks for running cable in the walls with minimal damage. You can learn some of the tricks by reading several books on home wiring. You might also consider hiring a pro to do that part, as a pro has done it millions of times before, knows all the tricks, and can select the best trick for your situation in an instant.

One inexpensive and good book that will teach you the bathroom codes you need to know is Wiring Simplified, a $6 green paperback. It's not hard to follow the codes, but you need to know them first.

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