20amp circuit, 15amp powerstrips?


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20amp circuit, 15amp powerstrips?

Quick question -- Have a 20amp breaker running ~6 20amp outlets in our kitchen.

If I use a powerstrip, or rather one of the plugs into the wall / six outlet adapters, are there any issues if the adapter is rated for 15amps?

Nothing out there actually draws 20amps as far as I know. The adapter would likely be used for coffee maker, grinder, blender, mixers, etc.

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There is a reason that this appliance is refered to as the firemans friend.
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There is no issue with using 15 amp devices on a 20 amp circuit. You are allowed to use 15 amp receptacles on a 20 amp circuit (in the US anyway), for example.

The devices you are describing are much better then the alternatives that some people use. Some people use little tiny taps made for lamps and radios, or use extension cords with 18 gage wire, and wonder why they get hot.

However, you may want to address the underlying issue, not enough receptacles. Kitchens today have many more appliances than kitchens of years ago. Coffee makers, blenders, under cabinet radios and TVs, toaster ovens, toasters, etc.

If you truly don;t have enough receptacles, then I would look at addressing that issue in the long term.

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