Mosquito light and outdoor wiring


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Mosquito light and outdoor wiring

I want to run a mosquito light out to the edge of the property, away from the patio.

I intend to use a 4x4 PT post with a groove in it to run the extension cord down to the ground. Then use a piece of PT to seal the groove up. I was planning on digging a small ditch and bury the extension cord (using PVC as a conduit). The other end will go into a timer with a cover (waterproof).

I would imagine I can run any normal outdoor extension cord. Would that be correct?

Any other suggestions on how to do this?

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Two comments.

Bug lights are a waste of money. They don;t work, they just attract more bugs. Besides. mosquitoes aren't attracted to light, they are attracted to carbon dioxide.

Now, as to your plans. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

It is against code and dangerous to use extension cords in place of real wiring. Extension cords are not rated to be buried, enclosed in walls, enclosed in conduit, or nestles between pieces of wood. To do what you propose would be dangerous. Conduit fills with water and your extension cord would very quickly fail.

If you want a receptacle in the back yard, use direct burial UF cable, or lay conduit and run proper conductors in the conduit, and install a receptacle at the end of the run. Then do whatever you want on the post , but don't encase that extension cord between pieces of wood.
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See, that's the reason I ask such simple questions. It seems like a good idea at the time but I know that if it is too good of an idea and too simple then it must not be right (or by code).

Thanks for the response. Now to find a way to keep those skeeters away and I will be happy.


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