what do i pay?


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Question what do i pay?

here's an easy one. thinking about hirirng a liscensed elect'rn. to upgrade 2 -100 amp panels.I want to replace with 2-200 amp panels, both are hooked to a service entrance panel. I live in so.ca. What is the going rate to have this done?A close figure would sure help in hiring someone,cause i really dont want to have 4 -5 estimates done. an honest opinion would be greatly apprecciated. thanks.
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lol....ok an honest opinion from our electrical contracting firm without seeing and assuming alot would be $ 1,600.00 per single 200A panel so you are looking at between $ 2,200 and $ 2,800 which is again a guess without knowing what is involved....

P.S. Not a easy question as stated because their are factors involved in this....if the local UTL supplies the mast or latteral supply wires from the transformer, Do they supply the Meter Cabs, Is their a fee for Laterals in your area and so on......Permit fee's which I do not know about in your area and so on.....so Estimating is a fine art which is why many companies have someone who just does the estimates....but that is a good guess.
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I'm guessing at least $2000.00

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