DC wiring?


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DC wiring?

I am planning to put 12VDC LED lighting in a passive basement wine cellar (for low heat, low UV emission, and possible direct future solar pannel useage). What is the code for DC wiring in celings/walls? I was planning to wire them to a single junction box, with a transformer and rectifyer to switched 120VAC for now, with the option to connect to a solar/battery system later.
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There is no code that applies to the 12VDC wiring. As long as the wiring up to the transformer is okay, then you're set.
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There are not that many codes for low voltage. Usually you just want to keep it away from line voltage stuff. Most of the codes are what you cannot do (such as run the cable through the furnace ducts unless the cable is rated for such).
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Use the orange low voltage boxes. This clearly identifies the circuit within as being low voltage.
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The wire should still be rated for in-wall use. I find in-wall speaker cable good for DC applications if the current draw is not too high.
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Thanks for all the responses!

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