Circuit Breaker Hums on Well Pump Circuit

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Circuit Breaker Hums on Well Pump Circuit

The Circuit breaker in the main panel is not thrown, just buzzing on the well pump circuit. My pump is about 500 feet down, and is in a new well that is not quite 3 years old. I don't see fuses, but I think it has a relay that is about 6 years old on a pressurized tank, (which has no pressure at the moment).

The circuit breaker is circa 1980. I think its a 20

We have no water. The tank has no pressure and the curcuit buzzes when switched on.

It buzzes occasionally thereafter, but not continuously.

It does not throw.

What could cause this?

How do I re-pressurize the tank, if thats what I need to do?
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Pump has a problem. The buzzing is the high current of the motor trying to start. The motor overlaoad is probalby tripping. That is the when the buzzing stops. Could be a problem with the pump or the starter cicuit(relay, capacitor).
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Normally, at the top

of the tank, under a cover of some sort, is an air valve. Exactly like the kind for your car tires. Just use a standard air compressor. Check the owner's manual, don't overpressurize the tank! Usually around 40 psi is all you do.

I don't think this is the cause of the low/no pressure problem you're having though, that sounds like a different problem.

My pump setup had a capactitor block and a start relay setup, as well as a regular contactor. After a storm, I had a bad capacitor and a burnt relay. My suggestion would be a ask a well guy to come out and take a look at the system. Please post back if you go this route and let us know what he found.

Hope this helps!
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Well guy on his way will post tonight...

Thanks, this is a great forum.
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The breaker is probably humming from the locked rotor current that the pump is drawing when it tries to start but can't. There is an excellent chance that it is the capacitor. If you are comfortable with electricity at all, you can kill it out, take the old cap to a re-wind shop (or other electrical supply house) and get a match for around $5. Install the replacement and see if that works. It's much cheaper than calling the well man.

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