Electric Dryer (Electrical Installation Question)


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Question Electric Dryer (Electrical Installation Question)

My Parents just bought a moble home and I was installing they Electric Dryer
the wall mount outlet has four openings [red,black,white and green] but the Dryer only has three legs [black,red and white]. I understand that this type of Dryer does not need a ground on the back of the Dryer it has an external grounding screw and if I attache the ground wire to that screw the main breaker blows [125 amps] and if I just abanden the ground wire every thing will work fine, but when I touch the Dryer and the metal frame of the home I get a very large shock. can someone please help me with this. thank you
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Tom Brackett
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Greetings Krautboy10

Look on the back of your new dryer and tell us what the name plate rating is for this new dryer. (voltage/amps for this dryer)
Your red & black wires are your hot wires, 110 volts ac on each leg.
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Something is wrong here. Be careful. If you get that shock in the right place on your body, you will die.

One possibility is that you have a problem in the dryer, and that one of the hot wires is contacting the metal frame of the dryer, in which case the breaker tripping is the proper and expected behavior.

I would check for continuity between the frame of the dryer and both of the hot wires (black and red). I would also check against the neutral wire (white). If you have continuity then it's time to repair the dryer.

Until it is repaired, do not connect it up to power and do not even think of using it.
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I agree with Rac....I does not sound safe and you need to stop using the dryer until you get a solution to this. You can take a Cont. tester and see if you get a tone from your hot to the metal frame as well as from the Neutral to the frame of the dryer.

I agree with Rac as something has to be touching in that dryer or as well inside the plug cord.

This can be a serious thing if the frame is getting energized so I do suggest you contact a local electrician to come and test this out a well as check the plug and so on to be safe.

Factually it only takes a tenth of an amp to kill if you are grounded right so PLEASE be careful and do not try to use this dryer until you have it tested

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