Adding An Outdoor Light Quest. ?


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Adding An Outdoor Light Quest. ?


Thinking of adding an outdoor flood light to illuminate
my backyard. Have done a fair amount of house wiring, but
never any outdoor wiring.

It will be very difficult for me to run wires from the "high-up"
flood light thru the wall to where I can put a switch and tap into the AC.

Was wondering about how to run it vertically down the side of the
wooden siding.

a. I guess one way is to use non-metallic emt which I guess they have available, and some
outdoor water tight boxes for the light mounting, and for the right angle at the bottom
that will bring the wires indoor.

b. Is it all code permissible to use some kind of outdoor rated NM wire tacked
to the side of the house without the need for running the wire inside of conduit, as proposed above in (a) ?
If so, what do I use in the way of boxes ?
Can't quite visualize the type of connector or bushing that would bring the wire into the
boxes. What would i use with this approach ?

Or, forget the boxes, and just bore a hole thru the siding, and RTV it up ?
But, I guess, I would still want a box for the light to be mounted to. True ?
What kind of bushings with this scheme ?

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Use plastic conduit. Run the conduit up the side of the house and into an outdoor weatherproof box. At the the bottom of the conduit use a right angle and run the conduit into the house and into a box inside the house.

Run individual THHN/THWN conductors inside the conduit.

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