Another sub panel question


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Another sub panel question

I installed a sub in the basement and posed a question earlier, thanks to all who responded. I ran three outlets from a 20 amp breaker in the sub and connected my dehumidifier to one of the outlets. I checked this morning and the dehumidifier wasn't running. A check at the sub produced 45 volts on one leg and 120 volts on the other. I reset the 60 amp breaker at the main that feeds the sub and checked again showing 120 volts on each leg of the sub. What happened? Was it a partial trip of the 60 amp breaker? Why didn't the 20 amp breaker feeding the outlet trip first? Are there deeper serious issues present? The dehumidifier has ran for about 3 weeks on a circuit not connedted to the sub and has run fine. Being a new install on the sub makes me wary that something is amiss.
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Turn the power to the subpanel off and check to make sure all of the sub panel feeder wires are tightly clamped into their lugs at both the sub panel and at the 60A breaker in the main panel. Check the neutral wire connections too.

Be sure to de-energize the lugs before sticking an allen wrench in there!

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Make sure that the 60-amp breaker in the main panel is the correct make and model for the panel, make sure it is well seated, and make sure that the buses where it connects are in good shape.

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