12v Dc


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12v Dc

I have a question.
I have a 12 Volt battery with a Windshield Washer motor attached to it.
Is there a 3 position switch or potentiometer that I can hook up to it so I can change the voltage to regulate the flow of Water?
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You canít do it with just a 3-way switch; you would also need a few resistors. A potentiometer would do it but this link provides a better way.

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That looks like a great kit for the price! I would have expected it to cost more.

I was going to suggest that you try an auto salvage yard and get a blower motor speed control. Pull the control that is usually located in the air intake plenum (to keep the resistors cool) and the control switch from the dash. You might be able to select from electronic and manual controls. I don't know if you could actually do it for less than the price of that great kit, however!
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Actually the cheapest way to do it would be to use a 5 position rotary switch and a dual filament lamp (parking/brake light). The lamp serves as the resistor and can be wired so the filaments are in series, parallel, and individual for a total of 5 speeds. Position 1 of the switch is direct to the motor for the highest motor speed; then going down in speed position 2 is through the filaments in parallel, through the brightest filament, through the lower brightness filament, and finally for the lowest speed; through the filaments in series. Some blocking diodes would have to be used to prevent back feed.

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